White Super Storm

Due to circumstances of high cost for the manufacturing of the white Super Storm and with our black super storm version being a more popular choice, we will no longer be stocking the white super storm dancing shoe once it goes out of stock. Our alternative option would be ordering the Black Super Storm style but with a white strap.

Our hard jig shoes are the best on the market.

The shoes come available in Sizes 13 to 6 including half sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: The White Super Storms are tipped and heeled to order only. Please allow approximately 2 working days for dispatch. 
Please note: the white super storm shoe is available in stock with the Thunder Tip, please contact us for the availability of sizes.
The hard jig shoe is available in sizes from 7 to 13 and includes half sizing.
Featuring our new Sound Cavern Heel and Super Storm Tip
All shoes are tipped and heels to order only. Please allow 2 days before dispatch after we have received your order.
Weight0.800 kg

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