Please Follow our Shoe Sizing Guide for Soft Shoes/Jig/Heavy Shoes and Pumps

If you are unsure of what shoe size you require, it is recommended you measure your foot by standing on a piece of paper and trace around your foot from the heel to the big toe. Measure your foot in centimetres. Follow the shoe sizing measurement chart to determine the right size you require. E.G. 21 / 2

How to Draw

Measure your foot in a sock on a sheet of paper. Draw with a pencil held vertically around the foot from the heel to the big toe. Measure the foot length in centimetres. Once you have made a note of the measurement, then check the sizing guide chart for the appropriate size shoe. The chart guide is for both hard jig shoes and soft shoes.

Please see Sizing Chart

Please note the sizing chart is only a guide to help you. We always ship our shoes on the information you give us on purchasing of the shoes. People have different preferences for their individual feet so no guarantees can be made. Please note, if you require an exchange due to wrong sizing bear in mind there is an additional cost for the shipping.
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